why I change the wrong things 

How different and yet the very same… #distraction

Thirty Years Young

When times get tough for me, I find making some changes in my life gives me a new focus. It’s a temporary distraction from life’s problems but really, it is exactly that; temporary.It’s not dealing with the problem itself, it’s more hiding away from it and I think ultimately, this is a problem for me.

My changes can be small, things like buying something new for my home, painting my nails a new colour, or more dramatic changes like changing my hair colour (FYI I’ll be blonde in a few weeks… Am I scared? Hell yes) or decorating (HELLO new paint) but whatever it is I do, it’s only a temporary mask over a much deeper rooted problem. I should be dealing with that problem direct instead of hiding from it but I think everyone does that to a certain extent, I mean, who wants to face up to…

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