This is thirty, flirty, and thriving meets real life – real talk paired with rosé.

Oh, you want more? Ok.

Other random facts / things I like, in no particular order…

My son Richie will be 11 in December, and he is probably the best kid ever. I’m really lucky.

My birthday is March 8th – I’m a Pisces, and I completely fit the description. And yeah, I believe in horoscopes (because mine are always eerily descriptive and on point – it’s not just me being basic. Ask my friends!)

We’ve established the love for rosé, but I am also basically addicted to Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry soda. Oops.

Yeah, I like dogs, for sure. But cats – so cute. Meow.

Music: I can usually predict with at least 98% accuracy what year a song was released (and usually, with a personal memory attached). With that being said, my library is completely eclectic… ranges from pop to classical to EDM to gangsta rap. Particular loyalty/faves are Britney, Wu-Tang, Lana Del Rey, The Doors, and pretty much any 90’s rap or alternative rock. What you will NOT find is country… hate it. I’ve tried to like it, but alas, it was all for naught.

I once won a spelling bee and almost competed at state level when I was 13. All the schools participated, and I just won… I opted not to compete, because I thought I was too cool (as most kids do at that age). The word that won it all: patriarchy. Kind of ironic  given the political climate nowadays.

I tend to ramble. I don’t know how to tell a story without extreme detail – my friends tease me with this hashtag – #longstoryshort

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